Yikes! The Plumber was just Here!

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The plumber was called in last week and now the pipe under the kitchen sink is leaking and pouring water on all the stuff in the cabinet underneath.  Yuck!  I had to clean everything off and air the space out and now we have to get the plumber here again.  Oh well,  that’s life!  Cheers!


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4 thoughts on “Yikes! The Plumber was just Here!

  1. I’ve been having to deal with a lot of plumbing issues at my daughter’s house. There’s been multiple leaks under the kitchen sink which I was able to repair myself. Then the ceiling collapsed in the downstairs bathroom from a leaking wax seal in the toilet above. The toilet had not be flushing well, and was pretty old, so I replaced the toilet, but the flange was pretty rusted out and I could not get the new wax seal to seal, so I had to have a plumber put in a new flange and reset the toilet. That was after the hot water heater sprung a leak. There was no shut-off to the hot water heater, only to the house, so I got a small, point-of-use hot water heater and installed it whiled we got estimates on putting in a tankless system. We got a tankless system installed, and I just installed the point-of-use water heater I had installed temporarily in our daughter’s house under the kitchen sink in our house as a booster for the regular hot water heater. So now we have instant hot water at the kitchen sink, instead of having to run a gallon of cold water waiting for the hot water. Good luck on getting your plumbing issues fixed. I hate plumbing! 😦 Beautiful paintings, BTW. 🙂


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